New Edinburgh Blog: Hit the Refresh Button

Welcome to Sugar and Sakura v2.0 – a new Edinburgh blog! I want to focus this blog on my health and fitness journey.  My life has been shifting in a different direction for a long while now and I want to take my blog along with it.  I feel like the next couple of years may be the most significant in my life, so it seems only natural to me to document this change and see where I end up! But enough of the vague/enigmatic talk –  here is all you need to know:


Who am I?

My name is Tali.  Obvs.

I’m in my late 20s (wow, when did that happen?!) and these days I live in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Originally I am from England, or ‘down south’ as they call it up here! I’ve been living in Edinburgh since November 2010, and am proud to call it my home.

I recently bought my first house, and live there with my wonderful fiancé and my two beautiful tortoiseshell cats, who will probably make regular appearances on this blog because, y’know, I’m a crazy cat lady and all..

What do I do?

I am very passionate about fitness, holistic health and nutrition,  and my goal is to some day pursue a career in this sector.  This blog will be mostly devoted to yoga, fitness, diet and wellbeing as this is where my interests lie.

I love yoga <3 and am starting a Yoga Teacher Training course starting February 2015.  I have recently started studying Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga and absolutely love it.

In the next few years I want to take nutritional therapist/wellness coach qualifications to further my knowledge and to allow me to help others, something I feel very passionate about.

My eating habits are predominantly paleo (blog post coming up) but try not to restrict myself too much after years of disordered eating.  Restriction leads to binging after all, and I don’t want to have a bandwagon to fall off!

What should you expect to see from this blog?

Lots of posts about my perspective on why yoga is awesome, why diets don’t work, and how to get in the best shape of your life.

What would you like to see from this blog? Feel free to leave any thoughts and comments below.

Tali xx