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I specialise in private yoga classes in Edinburgh and Midlothian.  I generally see clients biweekly, weekly or fortnightly, and also offer the flexibility of working around your schedule. The majority of my teaching is based in a beautiful studio in the centre of Edinburgh.  That said, I am also happy to work with you in the comfort of your own home or office (subject to location and time).  You can find out more information about my studio and home classes by following the appropriate links below.

Private yoga classes are catered specifically for you.   We will focus our sessions in a framework that will ensure you get the most out of them.  I will always offer a full range of yoga props to assist you in your practice, wherever our session is held.  Our 1:1 yoga classes may include a variety of yoga practices.  This may include breathing techniques, yoga postures and exercises designed to improve your strength and flexibility, combined with relaxation tools that you can take away with you.  I am also happy to provide homework assignments on request.  This means you can keep practicing on your own in between sessions.

As well as teaching 1:1 yoga classes in Edinburgh, I also offer semi-private yoga classes too.  These classes are limited to groups of 2-4 people.  This is perfect if you want to share your yoga practice with friends or loved ones.

I have a lot of experience working with a variety of injuries and medical conditions.  I will modify the class according to your needs.  If you have any questions about the suitability of private yoga for your unique health situation, send me an email and we can discuss this further.


I have been working with Tali now for nearly a year. The benefits to my wellbeing and body are amazing.
I have increased my flexibility, strength and energy levels.
Tali supports and encourages through every movement and flow but ensures I challenge myself to achieve far more than I ever believed I could.
She is patient, warm and kind and brighten my day to be around her peace and serenity whilst improving my body tone and posture.
I love my sessions with her.

Lynne DPrivate Yoga Client (From Complete Beginner to Intermediate Yogini)

Tali is a phenomenal instructor. She teaches with patience and pushes you just the right amount to ensure you continue to grow and progress. I have benefitted greatly from my private yoga classes with Tali.

Lindsay B (from Google)Private Yoga Client (From Beginner to Daily Home Yoga Practice)

Tali is an amazing teacher! I can't stress that enough. She makes the one to one classes we have so much fun. Her teachings strike a perfect balance between the physical and mental aspects of yoga. After every class I leave knowing more than I did before.

She has helped me with those poses that I have struggled with or been afraid to get into. This has helped me build my confidence to try the ones that scared me before ... I have built up strength in mind and in body. I think more about the poses now and how they should feel. I work to my ability and not just strain to get in in a pose. Classes with Tali are well worth it!

Nicola LPrivate Yoga Client (Advancing Her Yoga Practice)

Tali is such a great teacher. She is so kind and patient yet always pushes you to achieve your greatest potential. I have learnt so much from her and my confidence has grown so much through her teaching. I can now put together my own flows at home using her ethos of listening to my body’s needs. I cannot recommend her enough!

Katy TPrivate Yoga Client (Building a Home Yoga Practice)

The most precious gift you can give someone is your Time; the most precious gift you can give yourself is a regular hour practising Yoga with Tali! After going to Tali's classes for some time now, I can say I am definitely now a more healthy, calm and relaxed person. You won't regret it!

Mike WPrivate Yoga Client (Healthy Body and Mind)

I attended private yoga sessions with Tali twice a week for nearly three months. She helped me to prepare for my YTT training - which I am now just beginning. Firstly I would say that these sessions together were very enjoyable. We worked hard but we also had fun.

Tali is a very thoughtful, dedicated and creative teacher. She has been incredibly supportive and encouraging of the journey I was on. She is a lovely yoga teacher and she has a beautiful spirit. I feel lucky to have found her.

Yonnie FPrivate Yoga Client (YTT Preparation)

Tali is a wonderful yoga instructor. My 11 year old feels that without Tali’s input he wouldn’t have not got back to full strength after suffering with severs . Our podiatrist who also sees my son sees a big difference in the tightness of his muscles since he has been with Tali.

Tali is so warm and friendly. She is flexible in her approach, will deal with any issues that come up for my son and is really gentle and understanding.

Thanks Tali for all your help

Sophie CPrivate Yoga Client (Injury Rehabilitation)

I can recommend Tali's professional friendly and knowledgeable service. Slow progress but expected, and benefitting from personal focus rather than class situation.

Stewart MPrivate Client (Injury Rehabilitation)

Private Yoga Classes Edinburgh and Midlothian – Bookings and Options

I am currently operating on a waitlist-only basis for new clients.  Please drop me an email if you want to be added to the waitlist and we can chat. I will let you know as soon as a suitable space becomes available.