Weekly Group Yoga Classes in Edinburgh and Midlothian

You can find out more information about my weekly group yoga classes in Edinburgh and Midlothian below.

Vinyasa Flow is my favourite yoga style to teach, and most of my classes are based on variations of this type of yoga.

I believe that most, if not all, of us are striving for change or transformation.  This desire for change can manifest in different ways; whether we want to embody greater strength or flexibility, invite a sense of ease into our lives, or improve our relationship with self, we are all striving to learn and to grow.  We are all working towards becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Fire is a catalyst for transformation, which is why I like to challenge my students.  This fire can be incorporated through postures and transitions; being able to safely access a pose you had perceived as impossible for you.  The challenge may be experienced emotionally – staying longer in a pose than you would prefer.  They do say that yoga begins the moment you want to come out of a pose…!

Of course, with all that in mind, my primary focus is to always make sure that my classes are accessible and relaxed.  I always offer modifications to facilitate this, and plenty of Yin to balance out the Yang.  My classes aim to help everybody who attends to find more peace in their lives, to cultivate an experience in life where we can all be more present, and less stuck in our thoughts.

If you are interested in attending any of my yoga classes, but want to speak about them first, please do feel free to get in touch.  Yoga is my greatest passion, and I love answering any questions about this incredible tradition.

Weekly Class Timetable


5:15-6:30pm Easter Bush, EH25 9RG, Midlothian (book below)


1-2pm Easter Bush, EH25 9RG, Midlothian (book below)


12:15-1pm PureGym Exchange Crescent, Edinburgh (book via gym)


10:30-11:15am PureGym Quartermile, Edinburgh (book via gym)

Group Class Testimonials

I’ve been going to Tali’s classes at Easter Bush since Summer 2015, and it’s been a great experience. I started yoga classes as a complete beginner and immediately felt comfortable even though I was not flexible or fit at all at the time! Tali is a great teacher, always kind and giving useful advice and providing variation of postures if it doesn’t suit you or if you want to try something different/more advanced.
As a stressed PhD student, weekly classes with Tali have definitely been a major part of my well-being and life balance for the past almost 2 years. I can only recommend!

Lucille B

Yoga is such a personal thing. I tried a few different classes and yoga styles when I moved to Edinburgh seven years ago, but never really settled at any in particular as something was “not quite right”, either with teaching, yoga style, or both! Imagine my delight to find that Tali not only teaches in a way that I can relate to, but I love the style contrast between the different blocks, and better still she does classes at my workplace. Tali’s classes are well designed and led. Tali is caring, considerate, and she makes sure that everyone is comfortable and safe. I would quite happily recommend Tali as an excellent teacher and role model for a serene and unstressed life.

Kay B

Since starting yoga with Tali I have noticed my flexibility has really improved and it is amazing how much I feel a difference week to week. It is the most relaxing hour of my week and I leave feeling totally de stressed - I would be lost without my weekly dose of Tali's yoga!

Georgia T