About Tali – My Story

Although I ‘dabbled’ in yoga on and off for years, it wasn’t until 2012 when, crippled by mental health difficulties, I really discovered yoga. When I (almost unwillingly) stepped onto my mat I realised that something had to change.  I discovered a regular yoga practice could lead the way to health and happiness. That day was pivotal for me, and I have since devoted my time to practicing yoga and living meaningfully. Yoga was, and forever continues to be, my most significant form of self care.

My pre-yoga background was in biology and research, and spirituality was an entirely alien concept to me! Nonetheless, in 2015, after spending many years working in genetics, I completed my yoga teacher training – and started my coaching course the very next day!

Eager to learn more, I’ve since taken lots of further trainings and workshops, and am committed to ongoing learning with teachers, mentors and coaches.  An eternal student, I am always on the path of learning and refining what I do.  My passions within the yoga/wellness sphere are varied; from functional movement and anatomy, to energetics and connecting with intuition.

More than anything, I am grateful for everything and everyone in my life that has brought me this far.  I am humbled by this incredible opportunity that allows me to teach and inspire others over this beautiful practice.

My Approach And Private Yoga Classes 

I primarily teach private yoga in a one-to-one context, which I love as it provides a safe environment for the student to learn and absorb the benefits of yoga, with my full undivided attention and encouragement.  

I believe that most, if not all, of us are striving for change or transformation.  This desire for change can manifest in different ways.  Maybe we want to embody greater strength or flexibility, invite a sense of ease into our lives, or improve our relationship with self.  We are all striving to progress towards becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Fire is a catalyst for transformation, which is why I often challenge my students.  This fire can be incorporated through postures and transitions.  Perhaps you are able to safely access a pose you had previously perceived as impossible for you.  The challenge may also be experienced emotionally.  We could explore pausing longer in a pose for a few more breaths.  They say that yoga begins the moment you want to come out of a pose…!

That said, my classes are always balanced, where we will embrace the Yin as much as the Yang. I will always incorporate a myriad of restorative postures, mindfulness and relaxing breathing techniques.

I aim to help all of my students to be more inspired and self-aware, and to create an experience where we can all be more present, connected – and less stuck in our thoughts.