I have so much excitement and news to share about my new offerings for 2019.  I can’t wait to officially start this work (happy 1st day of 2019 woop!).  I’ve had a vision in my mind for over a year now about a service called UNITE, and I’m so happy to have seen this all the way from vision to launch.  I am starting 2019 with 2 UNITE offerings which will both be local to Edinburgh; UNITE: Live (a group coaching course in Edinburgh) and UNITE: Community (mostly workshops).  These services are affordable and inclusive, as I wanted to help the community in the most accessible way possible.

Places are going pretty fast, so let me tell you a little bit about them so you get a chance to get a space too.

I’ll be dividing this into two blog posts – the first one was all about UNITE: Live – a 10 week group coaching course in Edinburgh, and you can find it here.  

This blog post is all about UNITE: Community – monthly Coaching and Yoga Workshops in Edinburgh.

UNITE COMMUNITY: Monthly Coaching and Yoga Workshops in Edinburgh

UNITE: Community is a series of workshops throughout 2019, focusing on coaching and yoga.  They will be held at 1-3pm on Saturday afternoons once a month (starting 12th January 2019).  Each workshop will follow a different theme, and all are offered on a single / drop-in basis.  This means you do not need to feel like you have to attend all 12 if you are not able to!

The groups will be kept small, and we will talk about a particular theme and how we can integrate it better into our lives.  We will also move through an hour long yoga class related to that theme.  All levels of yoga experience are welcome (including if you’ve never tried yoga but always wanted to!).

These workshops are super informal and I am keeping them really inclusive! My intentions for these workshops are to build community – just as the name suggests. I do not want these workshops to only be for existing yogis, or those already deep in their wellness journey.  If you have always wanted to try yoga, overcome your limiting beliefs or establish a more positive mindset, then this is your sign :)

Just bring whatever clothes you are comfortable to move around in, and maybe something to take notes with.  Everybody (regardless of age, gender, ability etc) is completely welcome to join.

Themes for UNITE: Community

The theme for the first workshop (12th January) will be visualisation and manifestation.  I feel that these tools are often either not used properly, or simply dismissed as meaningless or New Age! I therefore want to explain how we can use visualisation and manifestation to achieve and attract what we truly want in life.

Themes for the other dates throughout 2019 are TBC, but will be centred around topics such as:

  • Self-trust and tapping into intuition
  • Self-care
  • Self-empowerment
  • Importance of taking rest
  • Mindfulness and getting present in life
  • Body confidence and finding your strength etc

Be prepared to discuss these topics in a new and more in-depth way than you may have previously experienced!  I will challenge your self-beliefs and internal monologue, to make sure you aren’t holding onto any blockages or diminishers. This will allow you to live a more authentic life with a stronger sense of self.

Affordable pricing

I want to create community, and I want everybody to feel welcome.

You can book online here:

The regular/full price of each 2 hour workshop is £25

If you are on low/no income, if finances are a challenge or if you are a student: Use coupon code UNITECONC when checking out online, and you will get a space for £7.

Benefits for UNITE: LIVE members

Everyone who is booked onto UNITE: Live will receive a 40% discount off all 2019 UNITE: Community workshops.  I’ll shortly be sending all LIVE members a coupon code to apply during check out.

Your host ;)

Hey there! I am a qualified health coach and yoga teacher.  We will have plenty of opportunity to integrate yoga and meditation into these sessions, and coaching to get you into the life you’ve always dreamed of.


More info/book: this link
Workshop dates: starting January 12th – see above link for more dates
Time: Saturdays 1-3pm
Location: OMH Therapies, 1a Randolph Crescent EH3 7TH
Investment: £25 / £7 concession

Want more information?

Of course! Drop me an email and I’ll be happy to help.

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