Review: Kelp Noodles from Real Foods

Real Foods

One of my favourite places to shop in Edinburgh has to be Real Foods.  I’ve only been to their Brougham St/Tollcross branch, so I can’t comment on their main store in Broughton, but I absolutely love their ethos and, of course, their products!  Their store is a treasure trove filled to the brim with awesome healthy food and beauty products.  Whilst I don’t have major food intolerances, I know a lot of people who view Real Foods as their haven for getting gluten- or dairy-free produce.  Plus it’s all vegan!

I normally go there every payday and spend not enough far too much on chia seeds, coconut oil (and coconut sugar/flour/milk – I love coconut!) and other organic, ethically sourced produce.  Their prices are very competitive and they always have great deals on – I got 1kg of chia seeds for £10 last month!  They also have a website where a lot of none-Edinburghers order from to get their health fix.


Given how much I love this shop, you can imagine my excitement when Real Foods contacted me a while back asking if I would be able to write a review on the Raw Kelp Noodles that they stock.  I haven’t tried Kelp Noodles, or even the Chinese glass noodles that they have been likened to, so I was intrigued to give these a go.


Sea Tangle Raw Kelp Noodles – Review*

Completely tasteless and odourless, these noodles are great if you predominantly eat raw, because they require no cooking whatsoever! All you need to do is rinse them, and serve.  This is also great if you’re rushed for time – chuck a few fresh veggies in with your noodles, and enjoy!  They have such an awesomely crunchy texture as well, which was a surprise for me as I was expecting them to be soft like traditional egg or wheat noodles.


I would also recommend them if you are trying to lose weight, because they are high in fibre (keeps you full) while only having 6 calories per serving.  You read that correctly.  SIX CALORIES.  They would therefore be a fantastic evening meal, when you don’t want to eat a lot of calories and not be able to burn them off before bed time. As I’m at a comfortable weight, and do a lot of yoga, I have been supplementing my normal meals with these noodles, so I’ve still been having a (smaller) portion of carbs such as wholegrain pasta and pearl barley, but also adding kelp noodles.  I need lots of energy so this has worked out perfectly for me.

Kelp noodles are so versatile due to their lack of taste, and I personally think they would suit Asian/Oriental dishes really well.  There are some recipes on the back of the packet which sound amazing – peanut satay kelp noodles would be divine! Unfortunately I haven’t yet had the chance to style the kelp noodles with this kind of cuisine, but I will definitely will in the future!

However, I have tried them in a salad with raw pepper, avocado and a bit of cheese, on a bed of pearl barely and sweet potato and the results were fantastic – a really nice fresh-tasting salad.  I also had them with spaghetti and Bolognese sauce and, the following night, with a korma curry – which were equally tasty!




All in all, I really enjoyed these kelp noodles. I will definitely be repurchasing them and experiment by incorporating them into some oriental dishes. Again, they are great if you want to lose weight as they are basically calorie-free, but I wouldn’t recommend replacing all carbs at every meal with kelp noodles – you still need some energy! Instead, why not have them with your evening meal when you don’t need many calories or, as I did, going 50/50 with carbs and kelp noodles at any time of day. They have a unique and fun texture and go with pretty much anything you can throw at them – as I hopefully proved in this post! They are suitable for all lifestyle plans (paleo, vegan/vegetarian, raw etc) as they are free of any allergens (ingredients: Water, Kelp, Sodium Alginate) and require no cooking at all. I look forward to buying some more and adding them to more recipes!

Have you ever tried Kelp noodles? Let me know in the comments below!

Tali xxx

*This item was sent to me to review free of charge. However, all opinions on my blog are always my own.