Tuesday Yoga at Easter Bush, Midlothian


Tuesdays 17:15-18:30

UoE Vet School (G-01), Easter Bush, EH25 9RG

4 week blocks and drop-in options available.

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Tuesdays 17:15-18:30

UoE Vet School (G-01), Easter Bush, EH25 9RG

4 week blocks alternate between 2 different yoga styles

Yin/Yang Yoga

Classes will begin with an energetic sequence (Yang aspect) and then sink into a more restorative and deep practice.

Yin Yoga is designed to create space and ease tension in the connective tissue and fascia, with many of the postures focusing on areas that encompass a joint (e.g. hip, sacrum, spine etc).  It is a fantastic way to maintain flexibility regardless of age and ability.  Although Yin is slower paced, it is no less effective than other yoga lineages and you will feel calmer and more relaxed by enjoying the longer holds of postures.

Vinyasa Flow

These are creative classes which can based on a particular theme, such as a specific part of the anatomy (e.g. hips) or an idea/intention.  Vinyasa Flow classes are a great way to incorporate fitness and insight into your day, and are suitable for all levels.  Modifications for more advanced poses will always be provided.  The class will finish with Savasana (relaxation) at the end.

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VINYASA FLOW 4 WEEK SERIES 28th May – 18th June 2019, VINYASA FLOW DROP-IN 11th June 2019, VINYASA FLOW DROP-IN 18th June 2019, VINYASA FLOW DROP-IN 28th May 2019, VINYASA FLOW DROP-IN 4th June 2019


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