3 Months Health Coaching in Edinburgh Program


Health coaching is more than just improving your diet – I will help you improve every aspect your life.  Work with me for 12 weeks (3 months) to create new life-changing habits and improve your relationship with yourself.

In this time you will get 6x 1hour fortnightly sessions with me, where we will focus on the main areas I see my clients struggling with the most.  You will receive write-ups of every session, as well as plenty of assignments and resources to keep you moving forwards in between appointments.  Unlimited email support is also available the rest of the time.

Sessions will include:


  • Improving your habits; choosing and creating nourishing food, rest and sleep hygiene
  • Challenging and shifting out of your comfort zones
  • Food choices, balance and gratitude practices
  • Body positivity, self care and intuitive eating
  • Creativity and nourishing yourself in a way that doesn’t involve food
  • Yoga as mindful movement
  • Building a sustainable meditation practice
  • Becoming your own expert/guru

Monthly payment plans available – get in touch to find out more.   Please also get in touch if you are going through crisis, unemployment, or a big life change – I don’t want money to be a barrier or prevent anyone accessing my coaching services.

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Product Description

Edinburgh Health Coaching

The way we eat and our attitude towards food often mirrors how we view ourselves.  I’m here to help you with your relationship with food and self.

Let’s face it – we all have a story when it comes to food.

In my coaching practice, I teach you how to trust yourself again, and help you bring the balance back to the way you eat.    I don’t preach ‘moderation’, I advocate paying attention.   I specialise in helping clients (women and men) overcome mindless and emotional eating.   Intuitive eating is about honouring your body – eating when you are hungry, being mindful during mealtimes, eating the foods that you really want, and stopping when you are full.   This is not a fad diet dressed up as a ‘lifestyle change’.  My approach is based on eating how we are meant to eat; before dieting and the media warped how we see ourselves and our relationship with food.

In our sessions, we can use a variety of techniques, from yoga and meditation, to coaching you through your wellbeing and life goals.

Are you ready for change?

I love inspiring others and encouraging them to live full, meaningful lives.  I believe in empowering you to take ownership back of your life, by supporting you to have a healthy relationship with food, your body, and those around you.   I will be your personal cheerleader, and will always raise you up, not bring you down.

I am happy to work with you either in-person in my West End (Edinburgh) clinic, or online using Zoom/Skype.



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