Edinburgh Health Coach

I’m Tali – a health coach in Edinburgh.  After years of yo-yo dieting and feeling like I couldn’t trust myself around food, I decided enough was enough.  I stopped dieting and started listening to my body again, a journey of self discovery that would ultimately shape every aspect of my life.  Since graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2016, I have made it my life’s mission to help others do the same.

The way we eat and our attitude towards food often mirrors how we view ourselves

Nowadays, our eating habits can be erratic.  I see each of us as a work in progress . We all have a story and relationship with food. 

Perhaps you …

Find yourself fluctuating between ON or OFF a diet and feel like you just can’t get it right?

Comfort eat to soothe your emotions?

Lack the knowledge of how to cook and nourish yourself through food?

Feel so lost - if fat/refined sugar/all carbs/animal protein are the new evil, what on earth are you supposed to eat?!

Have lost the ability to decipher when you are hungry or full?

Feel like your life will finally start getting better when you lose 5lb more?

I hear you.  

Drawing from my health coaching studies, my background in scientific research and a wealth of experience, I will help you to improve your relationship with food.  Studies have shown that 95% of dieters will regain all of the weight lost and more … in just 5 years. Restricting and depriving ourselves does not lead to weight loss.  It simply leaves us more miserable and confused around food than ever! For so many, however, there doesn’t feel like there is an alternative.

Intuitive eating changed my life – now I want to empower you to change yours  

In my coaching practice, I teach you how to trust yourself again, and help you bring the balance back to the way you eat.  

I don’t preach ‘moderation’, I advocate paying attention.   I specialise in helping clients (women and men) overcome mindless and emotional eating.   Intuitive eating is about honouring your body – eating when you are hungry, being mindful during mealtimes, eating the foods that you really want, and stopping when you are full.   This is not a fad diet dressed up as a ‘lifestyle change’.  My approach is based on eating how we are meant to eat; before dieting and the media warped how we see ourselves and our relationship with food.

Overeating or restricting/dieting does not have to be the only way to take care of yourself, and you are worth so much more.

You can drink green juice every day – and still be miserable

I can help you change how you eat – and I will also transform the way you live too.  You deserve the vibrant and exciting life that you dream of, and not one that is just centred around food.  

In our sessions, we can use a variety of techniques, from yoga and meditation, to coaching you through your wellbeing and life goals.   Yoga is a powerful somatic tradition that helps us first to reconnect with our physicality.   This ancient (and still highly relevant) practice helps us to discover our internal strength, and provides us with more mental awareness to better deal with whatever we’re going through in life.  Meditation helps us to create more space between us and our thoughts, teaching us how to recognise what holds us back and how to lead a calmer and more resilient life.

I can help you to…

Create more joy and creativity in your life

Pay attention to your needs and create self-care rituals that you will love

Feel comfortable in your own skin

Increase your self-confidence - because I already know you are amazing!

Nurture your relationships and social life

Cultivate a consistent yoga and meditation practice, to reconnect you to your body and mind

Find balance in your life

Chase those dreams and life goals that you have always put on hold

Are you ready for change?

I love inspiring others and encouraging them to live full, meaningful lives.  I believe in empowering you to take ownership back of your life, by supporting you to have a healthy relationship with food, your body, and those around you.   I will be your personal cheerleader, and will always raise you up, not bring you down.


I am happy to work with you either in-person in my West End (Edinburgh) clinic, or online using Zoom/Skype.

Health coaching packages

12 Week Program

Want results, like, yesterday? This one’s for you.

  • 6x 1hr fortnightly sessions
  • 3 months dedicated to transforming your health and happiness
  • Structured program – focused on the main areas my clients struggle with, such as eating and sleep habits, life balance and self care, trusting your own intuition and creating a life that fits you perfectly
  • Session notes provided within 48hrs of each session
  • Between-session assignments and resources to keep you moving forwards
  • Unlimited support – I’m just an email away
12 Week Health Coaching Program

6 Month Program

Want to transform your life forever?

  • 12x 1hr fortnightly sessions
  • 6 months dedicated to transforming your health and happiness
  • Structured program, but with adequate space to honour your individual needs.  We will work on the most challenging areas my clients struggle with, but take all the time we need for everything specific to you
  • Session notes provided within 48hrs of each session
  • Between-session assignments and resources to keep you moving forwards
  • Unlimited support – I’m just an email away
6 Month Health Coaching Program


I have had a difficult relationship with food for as long as I could remember. I have tried literally hundreds of diets, and was stuck in a miserable, exhausting cycle of being off and on 'the wagon', which unfortunately is deemed a 'normal' way of living for women in our society.
Until the revolution...

Tali introduced me to intuitive eating and yoga and taking care of myself and it has changed my life. She is kind and clever and compassionate and has held my hand every step of the way.
If you are done with diet culture and ready to live a full, happy, authentic life where you can eat anything you want whenever you want and love yourself and basically be happy forever then you need Tali in your life.

Charlotte BHealth Coaching Client

Tali has become part of my life. While I am old enough to be her mum, we have reversed roles, and Tali has become the parent, guiding me the child, kicking and screaming through life’s ups and downs. With the love from her heart and her caring patience, I am learning to become comfortable with how I am put together, and therefore less judgemental of, and kinder to, myself (and others!).

While I want Tali to be my best kept secret, I also want her to be able to bring joy and peace to many more, so I can’t keep her all to myself, and have to tell everyone to make her a part of their lives too.

Kay BHealth Coaching Client

Tali went above and beyond to cater for my needs both physically and emotionally. She guided me ever so kindly and full of positivity in every step, tiny or enormous, that I decided to take. She helped me change the voice in my head and the connection I have with my body. I can't ever thank her enough for everything she has done for me in the past 6 months.

Keep doing what you're doing 💖 Thanks for always putting your heart in every session.

Lucia SHealth Coaching Client

Tali has become my positive inner voice. It's just nice to feel my inner monologue change from being so self-critical and sometimes self-harmful to as warm and lovely as Tali is. Tali is incredibly warm and brings many positive ideas and thoughts and suggestions into the coaching. Tali is highly professional and very organised. She's spiritual but she's not one of the New Age prophet-like coaches ... Overall Tali has been so helpful and positive,

Anna THealth Coaching Client