Health Coaching

Change your perspective, change your life …

I want to help you on your pursuit of health and happiness.  In our sessions, we will use a variety of techniques, from yoga and meditation, to coaching you through your wellbeing and life goals.  

I am a huge believer in the importance of primary food – the things that nourish you that are not on your plate. This can include anything that fills up your life, like exercise, love and relationships, career and financial freedom, spirituality and joy.  All of these pave the way to a meaningful and satisfying life.

I’m here to support you the entire way

I love seeing my clients for six months because it gives enough time for the real transformation to take place.  I do not believe in unsustainable overnight fixes, but I love to create positive permanent change in my clients’ lives.  That means NO fad diets or restricting foods.  

Instead we will work through your obstacles around fitness, food and happiness – they may not be what you think they are!  Stress can often be a huge barrier to personal success, and I love empowering clients to live more calmly.

I am passionate about helping you …

…because I have absolutely been there too.  I used to follow countless diets, so sure that my life would be perfect if I just looked a certain way.  I was either ‘on’ a strict eating regime, or totally ‘off’ the rails, overeating in a desperate attempt to fill my life up. I would scrutinise my reflection, wishing away all the parts of my body that I didn’t like. 

We’ve all been there to some degree, right? And I think we can all benefit from a better body image and a more positive way of looking at ourselves.  I want to put a stop to self-shaming, one individual at a time. 

It doesn’t have to be this way

Now I am happy, strong and healthy.  I thank my body for what it can achieve rather than how it looks.  I’ve found my path and I want to help you find yours, too.  Through yoga, better diet and improved self-awareness, I have created a balanced life that I freaking love!

I love inspiring others and encouraging them to live full, meaningful lives.  I believe in empowering other women to take ownership back of their lives, by supporting them to have a healthy relationship with food, their body, and those around them.

I want to raise you up, not bring you down.  Interested?

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You are ready for this if:

You haven’t felt comfortable in your own skin for far too long

You feel like if you just lost 5lb more or got that dream ‘beach bod’, your life would be perfect

You are SO over counting points or calories

You have a vague idea of how you want your life to be, but have no idea of exactly what that vision is, or how to get there

You have had enough of putting everyone else’s needs before your own, but feel guilty taking time out for yourself

You want to start yoga, but you lack the confidence of going to group classes  (or, you practice sometimes at home but don’t know if you are “doing it right”

You want to feel strong, empowered and in control

You are fed up of not feeling your best

Are you ready? Let’s do this!

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I have had a difficult relationship with food for as long as I could remember. I have tried literally hundreds of diets, and was stuck in a miserable, exhausting cycle of being off and on 'the wagon', which unfortunately is deemed a 'normal' way of living for women in our society.
Until the revolution...

Tali introduced me to intuitive eating and yoga and taking care of myself and it has changed my life. She is kind and clever and compassionate and has held my hand every step of the way.
If you are done with diet culture and ready to live a full, happy, authentic life where you can eat anything you want whenever you want and love yourself and basically be happy forever then you need Tali in your life.

Charlotte BHealth Coaching Client

Tali has become part of my life. While I am old enough to be her mum, we have reversed roles, and Tali has become the parent, guiding me the child, kicking and screaming through life’s ups and downs. With the love from her heart and her caring patience, I am learning to become comfortable with how I am put together, and therefore less judgemental of, and kinder to, myself (and others!).

While I want Tali to be my best kept secret, I also want her to be able to bring joy and peace to many more, so I can’t keep her all to myself, and have to tell everyone to make her a part of their lives too.

Kay BHealth Coaching Client

Tali went above and beyond to cater for my needs both physically and emotionally. She guided me ever so kindly and full of positivity in every step, tiny or enormous, that I decided to take. She helped me change the voice in my head and the connection I have with my body. I can't ever thank her enough for everything she has done for me in the past 6 months.

Keep doing what you're doing 💖 Thanks for always putting your heart in every session.

Lucia SHealth Coaching Client

Tali has become my positive inner voice. It's just nice to feel my inner monologue change from being so self-critical and sometimes self-harmful to as warm and lovely as Tali is. Tali is incredibly warm and brings many positive ideas and thoughts and suggestions into the coaching.

Tali is highly professional and very organised. She's spiritual but she's not one of the New Age prophet-like coaches, she doesn't preach to you and she's very open to many different approaches of nutrition: intuitive eating, clean eating, ketogenic eating, intermittent fasting. She is NOT however about fad diets. Not at all. She will never prompt you to eat a certain way for x amount of weeks and lose x amounts in weight or fat. She doesn't make weird, unrealistic promises. She will however give you delicious recipes if you want them! Overall Tali has been so helpful and positive,

Anna THealth Coaching Client

I am able to make better informed decisions around food and I have created better habits. The whole experience has increased my awareness the variety of vegetables that are out there. In particular the 'rainbow veg'. I can now critically evaluate my diet better, in terms of good food bad food.

David AHealth Coaching Client